All Clear – Friday, December 7, 1:25 PM EST

Dear Lawrenceville Community,

Local authorities have now designated the campus ALL CLEAR.

Students and faculty are returning to campus. Information on lunch is forthcoming.

Boarding students should return to campus – or contact their Housemaster – by their regular check-in time.

Non-essential staff are dismissed for the day.

All classes and athletics are cancelled for today (Friday). Lawrenceville will return to its regular schedule tomorrow (Saturday, December 8th).

Steve Murray

Emergency Alert – Friday, December 7, 12:10 PM EST

Dear Lawrenceville Community,

All students – accompanied by Lawrenceville faculty – are safe at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Day Parents: You may pick up your student at the Bristol-Myers Squibb facility, 3401 Princeton Pike, Lawrence Township, N.J. Arrive at the front gate, tell the guard you are a Lawrenceville parent, and you will be directed where to pick up your Lawrentian. If you are unable to pick up your student, he or she will remain at Bristol-Myers Squibb – along with Lawrenceville faculty. They will return to campus once it is designated safe by authorities.

Boarding Parents: All students will remain at Bristol-Myers Squibb, accompanied by Lawrenceville faculty members, until campus is designated safe by the authorities.

We will continue to provide hourly updates to keep you informed.

Steve Murray

Emergency Alert – Friday, December 7, 11:10 AM EST

Dear Lawrenceville Community,

Within the last half hour, the Lawrenceville School received a voicemail message on the School’s main phone line alerting the School to a possible pipe bomb on campus. The School immediately evacuated all faculty, staff, and students. 100 percent of the students have been accounted for. All students have been relocated to the Bristol-Myers Squibb facility on Princeton Pike (Lawrenceville, N.J.). All non-essential employees have been sent home.

Local authorities have been alerted and have responded. We will be providing updates hourly to keep you informed.

Steve Murray

Inclement Weather Policy (as of January 2017)


Because the largest proportion of faculty members and students live on the campus and can reasonably be expected to carry on normal routines in spite of bad weather, the School does not typically cancel classes when conditions are threatening.

At the same time, Lawrenceville recognizes that a significant segment of the School population may sometimes find it hazardous to travel to the campus. The safety of our students is most important. We ask day parents to use their best judgment in such circumstances. On these occasions, absences will not be charged against the student’s record. Students may, however, wish to contact a teacher via e-mail or check their online course system for assignments or other instructions.

Should weather cause the School to be closed or if there is a delayed opening, an announcement will be posted on the homepage of the School’s website and on The Lawrenceville School Hotline. To access the hotline, dial 855-620-SNOW (7669).

If you are unable to access the website or the hotline, please visit our emergency website at or visit our Facebook page (The Lawrenceville School) and/or Twitter feed (@Lville_School)


Because The Lawrenceville School is a residential community, we operate on a seven-day schedule. That means teaching, housing, dining, and health and safety must continue as necessary every day of the week.

In a weather emergency, such as hurricanes, heavy snow, icing, flooding, or hazardous travel conditions, the School may announce a delayed arrival time or early dismissal for non-essential employees. In extreme weather conditions, the School may close for all but essential employees, boarding students and residential faculty.

The safety of our staff is most important. In all cases when there are emergencies, employees should use their best judgment to determine their own safety when traveling to and from work.


Information regarding changes to work hours due to extreme weather conditions is provided by the Lawrenceville School Hotline and on the homepage of our website. To access the hotline, dial 855-620-SNOW (7669).

If you are unable to access the website or the hotline, please visit our emergency website at or visit ourFacebook page (The Lawrenceville School) and/or Twitter feed (@Lville_School)


If there is severe weather, the School may announce a delayed arrival time. Non-essential services employees should arrive by that designated time. Employees who are unable to report to work by the designated time should notify their offices/supervisors.


If weather conditions develop during the work day, which make travel conditions hazardous, the School may authorize an early dismissal for non-essential services employees.


Those employees who work shifts other than the normal 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. should contact their supervisors to learn if there are any adjustments to their expected time of arrival.


Consideration will be given to essential employees for their extra service.


If non-essential employees choose not to come to work on delayed opening days, their absence may be designated as vacation time or personal time off unless their absence is excused by their supervisor.


Essential employees include all faculty and those staff who hold positions that are necessary to keep the basic services of the School in operation. They include, but are not limited to, snow and tree removal, dining services, health and wellness, security, IT/Telecomm, and some emergency Facilities functions. Essential personnel should notify their supervisors as soon as possible if they cannot make it into work.


Departments with essential personnel should make sure the employees are aware of their designation.